Water is Glorious

It can change the life of a child and make a mom’s dream come true.

In honor of moms around the world, Rosetta recently sponsored Steps for Water, a nationwide, virtual walk-a-thon. The lack of clean drinking water affects 884 million people, and women carry the lion’s share of the burden. So on May 12, we joined forces and raised awareness of the crisis. It was a great first step. But together there’s even more we can do.

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With clean water and sanitary toilets, communities gain health, hope, and new opportunities.

1.5 million children die every year from water-borne diseases. That’s more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

1 of every 8 people on earth lack access to clean drinking water. That equals 884 million people with hopes and dreams just like us.

Water.org does more than dig wells. We work closely with communities to ensure sustainability. We’ve also pioneered new approaches, like WaterCredit.

Moms will be able to do more than survive.
Kids will have access to education and opportunity.

Women may walk an average of 3.7 miles every day to collect water.

The journey can be dangerous and oftentimes the water carries disease.
If lucky, they find a clean source and carry over 40 pounds home.

200 million hours are spent each year gathering water. If even half of this time could be spent on building a healthy family, getting an education or finding work – what a wonderfully better world this could be.

Water.org makes it easier for women to get water, giving them the freedom to explore new opportunities.

It’s our mission to make a difference and we look forward to celebrating the day when every soul on earth can take a safe drink of water.

One American on average uses 100 gal. of H20 every day.

One African family on average uses 5 gal. of H20 every day.

1/3 of the world’s population lacks access to a sanitary toilet. That’s 2.5 billion men, women, and children.

Charity alone will not end the water crisis. That’s why Water.org pioneered WaterCredit, small loans for individuals to obtain household water and toilets.

Rosetta thanks everyone who joined Steps For Water.

With each single step, you saluted the millions of women who walk miles everyday to gather water for their families. Visit the Steps for Water tab to see the results. Even though the event is over, you can still help. Just a $25 donation can provide someone with clean water for life.

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